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Jumbo Mortgages

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If you’re moving into one of Denver’s premier neighborhoods, your home’s price point may fall outside of the limits of a conventional mortgage. Nationwide, the typical cut off point for a conventional mortgage is $453,100, but in the Denver market it’s currently set at $529,000. Financing more than the limit to buy your home means that you’ll need to get a jumbo loan.


Because jumbo loans carry a greater risk for the mortgage lender, they also carry some of the strictest requirements of any mortgage.

Credit, Down Payment, and Reserves

For an average jumbo loan, a credit score of 700 is needed to qualify, with higher scores potentially getting a better rate. Even with a good score, you’ll generally need a downpayment ranging from 15-30%, a debt to income ratio of 43% or less, and 6-12 months worth of your mortgage payments in reserves.

We have a new, exciting program that helps you sidestep some of these requirements and qualify for a jumbo loan with only 10% down! Now you can get into your dream home sooner and use your down payment money to follow your dreams.


To prove that you can take on the extra financial burden, you’ll typically need to provide thorough documentation of any claims that you make during the underwriting process. This can include proof of all sources of income, all liquid and non-liquid assets, documentation of any other loans that you hold, and two or more years of tax returns.

If you’re buying a large or expensive home that falls outside of Denver’s $529,000 limit, especially if you don’t have a large enough down payment to reduce your loan amount below the limit, a jumbo mortgage is the only way to secure a loan. Get in touch with us or get pre-qualified today and we can help you secure your loan with the best rates and get you into your new home quickly.